About Civics360

Welcome to Civics360!

Our mission is to provide a place where Florida students and others can improve their understanding of civics.

What is Civics360?

Civics360 is an interactive civics review tool to help Florida students improve their understanding of civics.

Civics360 is funded by the Lou Frey Institute at the University of Central Florida and provided by the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship, in collaboration with the Escambia County School District, and targets the civic knowledge and skills necessary to succeed on Florida’s Civics End of Course Assessment.

Is this site only for Floridians?

While crafted for a Florida audience, the resources provided may be compatible with civics and government courses taught throughout the United States.

What can I find on this website?

This site is organized into module pages, each of which covers learning benchmarks by providing the following learning tools:


Narrated Students Friendly Videos that review the important content for each benchmark

Viewing Guides

Viewing guides for each video


Student Friendly Readings for each Benchmark Clarification, available in English, Haitian Creole, and Spanish


Vocabulary concept circles and games to practice civics vocabulary

Review Questions

Quizzes with End-of-Course Assessment-style guided review questions for each benchmark

Practice Test

End-of-Course Assessment Practice Test

Resource Links

Additional resources to facilitate learning and review, such as links to interactive civics lessons

How do I use this website?

Teachers and students may choose which features to use, so there is no one correct way to use this website. We at the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship encourage you to select and use the resources that will be most beneficial to you as a student. If you are a teacher, you will find these resources helpful to you in your civics instruction. Simply navigate to the module page that covers the benchmark material you are trying to learn or teach.

Who do I contact with questions or comments?

Questions about the resources on this site and how you can use them may be directed to: