The Founding: From Colonies to United States ENGLISH READINGS UPDATED

Use this section to explore resources about the influence of the Enlightenment, documents that influenced the colonists, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation. Click on the links to each of the module pages below to explore that module's content.

Ancient and Religious Influences COMPLETE -NO QUIZ

Let's Learn About Influences on Our Constitutional Republic!

SS.7.CG.1.1 Analyze the influences of ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and the Judeo-Christian tradition on America's constitutional republic.

Founding Principles COMPLETE-NO QUIZ

Let's Learn About Founding Principles

SS.7.CG.1.2: Trace the principles underlying America's ideas on law and government.

Influential Documents VIDEOS UPDATED

Let's Learn About Influential Documents

SS.7.CG.1.3: Trace the impact that the Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights, Mayflower Compact, and Thomas Paine’s Common Sense had on colonists’ views of government.

The Enlightenment and Its Influence VIDEO UPDATED

Let's Learn About The Enlightenment:

SS.7.CG.1.4: Analyze how Enlightenment ideas including Montesquieu’s view of separation of powers and John Locke’s theories related to natural law and how Locke’s social contract influenced the Founding.

The Road to Independence VIDEOS UPDATED

Let's Learn About The Road to Independence:

SS.7.CG.1.5: Describe how English policies and responses to colonial concerns led to the writing of the Declaration of Independence.

Declaration of Independence VIDEOS UPDATED

Let's Learn About the Declaration of Independence:

SS.7.CG.1.6: Analyze the ideas and grievances set forth in the Declaration of Independence.

Articles of Confederation VIDEO UPDATED

Let's Learn About the Articles of Confederation:

SS.7.CG.1.7: Explain how the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation led to the writing of the U.S. Constitution.