Use this section to explore resources about different forms and systems of government, United States domestic and foreign policy, international organizations and some international conflicts where the United States has been involved. Click on the links to each of the module pages below to explore that module's content.

Forms of Government VIDEOS UPDATED

Let's Learn About Forms of Government

SS.7.CG.3.1: Analyze the advantages of the United States' constitutional republic over other forms of government in safeguarding liberty, freedom, and a representative government.

Systems of Government VIDEO UPDATED

Let's Learn About Systems of Government

SS.7.CG.3.2: Explain the advantages of a federal system of government over other systems in balancing local sovereignty with national unity and protecting against authoritarianism.

The Advantages of Capitalism VIDEO UPDATED

Let's Learn About different economic systems.

SS.7.CG.3.15: Analyze the advantages of capitalism and the free market in the United States over government-controlled economic systems (eg, socialism and communism) in regard to economic freedom and raising the standard of living for citizens.

Domestic and Foreign Policy VIDEOS UPDATED

Let's Learn About Domestic & Foreign Policy

SS.7.CG.4.1: Differentiate concepts related to U.S. domestic and foreign policy.

International Organizations VIDEO UPDATED

Let's Learn About International Organizations

SS.7.CG.4.2: Describe the United States' and citizen participation in international organizations.

International Conflicts VIDEOS UPDATED

Let's Learn About International Conflicts

SS.7.CG.4.3: Describe examples of how the United States has dealt with international conflicts.